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Who’s hiring? October 2018

Trying something new. If you’re looking to hire someone please post it as a comment below. Anything: a seamstress to help 1 day a week, or someone to support your social media, or a stylist for a shoot, etc…

Here’s some ideas of information to include:

What do you do?

What are you looking for?

Is the role onsite or remote? And where?

Is it full time or part time?

Is it a one-off task or a recurring thing?

How to you want contacted?

What’s on offer – salary/benefits/training/responsibility/opportunity?

Website/social links.

And please share this, and check back.

If this is popular we’ll post it each month to keep postings fresh.

Nae mare cash after seeing this cashmere

They say don’t ask a barber if you need a haircut. But do checkout the photo guide to cashmere from Lynne McCrossan for Cross Cashmere.

Discover why she thinks we need:
The Argyle
The cashmere T-shirt
The Cable knit
The Hoodie
The Houndstooth
The Wrap

Those photos are gorgeous!

Who wouldn’t love to get a copy of the full book and a gorgeous cardi!

There’s a few copies of the book available here:

Cashmere: A Guide to Scottish Luxury



My name is Debbie, and I’ve always been passionate about fashion. I grew up sketching dresses with my gran, poring over Vogue magazines, and a lot of time researching online.

This project is all about researching, tracking and hopefully connecting the amazing creatives living in Scotland. With the help of my (very patient) husband, we’ve already put hours upon hours into researching current and up-and-coming creatives in Scotland and putting them into a spreadsheet.
I’m currently working my way through organising the spreadsheet and hope to bring you information on the amazing fashionistas of Scotland, with some dashes of Scottish fashion history in there.

I’m excited to continue this venture in a new manner.
Bye for now!

~ debbie